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Big check, take precautions before they happen

It is the eternal theme of the enterprise, the work that the enterprise cannot ignore, the red line of all the work of the enterprise, and the top priority in the management and production activities. In response to this, the company assigned Zhao Yuantao, assistant to the deputy general manager, to take charge and set up a company inspection team to conduct a carpet-like investigation on all corners of the company. For the hidden dangers identified, the team and the heads of various departments formulate detailed rectification measures, and complete them within a time limit. At the same time, considering the company's production and operation status, the company's major hazards were re-approved.   Externally, experts from the fire department were invited to conduct fire prevention training to employees, to enhance their awareness, and to establish the concept of "caring for life, paying attention to fire protection, staying away from fire, and creating a harmonious society".    Through weekly inspections, an atmosphere of "cherish life, stay away from fires and accidents" has been formed throughout the company. At present, a three-dimensional network has been established throughout the company. Employees can consciously check hidden dangers at work stations before working, and report and eliminate hidden dangers in a timely manner, which greatly reduces the occurrence of accidents.
29 2021/09

Shenzhen Line 9 project started

With the successful bidding of our company, the Shenzhen Line 9 project was officially launched. Specially established a line 9 project team to promote and manage the project. I believe that through the efforts of the whole company, we can overcome difficulties and successfully complete the scheduled plan.
29 2021/09

Notice of internal inspection for the first piece of side wall of TC car on Shanghai Line 11

At 3:00 pm on December 17, 2014, the first part of the side wall of the TC car on Shanghai Line 11 will be internally inspected. The address is in the welding workshop. Please arrange for relevant personnel to participate.
29 2021/09

Xi'an Secondary Framework Technical Announcement Notice

At 11 am on December 12, 2014, the Xi’an secondary skeleton technology presentation will be conducted in the conference room on the first floor. The heads of the production department, purchasing department, quality assurance department, and business department are invited to participate in the meeting!
29 2021/09

Technical Announcement of the Undercarriage of Tianjin Line 5

The conference room on the first floor at 1:00 pm on January 14: Technical presentation of the machining and spraying procedures of the Tianjin chassis. Meeting room on the first floor at 8:30 am (Kunshan Road Plant) on January 15th: Technically explain the Tianjin underframe assembly and welding process. Please arrange personnel from relevant departments to participate.
29 2021/09

ISO9001:2008 quality management system audit

After communicating with Beijing World Standard Certification Center Co., Ltd., it is scheduled to conduct a supervision and audit of our company's ISO 9001:2008 quality management system operation on January 21, 2015. This review will conduct a comprehensive review of the operation and proficiency of the company's quality management system. The relevant departments are requested to do a good job in the welcome review.
29 2021/09
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