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New factory inauguration celebration, paving the way for the brand

On November 2nd, in the restaurant of the company's office building, the red carpet floor was paved with flowers on the table, and the company's "large vehicle parts machinery and welding processing" base project completion ceremony was held as scheduled.    The celebration was hosted by Mr. Li, and Chairman Su of the company gave a welcome speech. Chairman Su first thanked colleagues from all walks of life for their care and support for the development of Jilin Red Star, and at the same time expressed gratitude to all employees for their efforts and contributions to the company. The completion of the large parts machinery and welding processing base of the whole vehicle marked the full expansion of the Red Star Company from ordinary railway passenger cars to the fields of subway, urban rail, EMU, and high-speed rail. The aluminum alloy welding of the major parts of the vehicle is the main body, and its products have entered a stage of deep development.    With the rapid development of rail passenger cars, Red Star is facing huge challenges and historic turning points. Looking forward to the future, there is a long way to go. We must take it as a new starting point, focusing on production, quality, cost, strengthening management, carrying forward team spirit, continuous innovation and continuous improvement, so that the "Red Star" name will be engraved on the brand's monument.
29 2021/09

The relocation of the new factory-work hard and rebuild the glory!

On June 19, 2014, the morning dew was particularly clear and shiny under the sun. At 8:18, firecrackers in the Fanjiatun new factory area were blasted. Under the command of Chairman Su, the Red Star Company launched the relocation ceremony in the Fanjiatun Economic Development Zone. The company's middle-level and above management personnel lined up on both sides of the main road in front of the No. 2 plant, welcoming the slowly moving relocation convoy with excited tears and warm applause.   In April of this year, in order to seize the market, the company contracted the Chongqing monorail side wall and underframe, Ethiopian car roof and other aluminum alloy large parts welding project decided to accelerate the construction of the second plant and require the completion of the main project before June 15. The company assigns main technicians to specifically command and coordinate nearly 20 construction operation factories. After more than two months of hard work, it is finally reached. In this extraordinary day, all employees of the company are excited about it. It heralds the start of Red Star's third venture, and the company will enter a new stage of development. This day will be recorded in the annals of history, and the great red star people will inherit the past and create glory again!
29 2021/09

Passed EN15085 system again

SLV Duisburg certification auditor Lessmann and Harbin Welding & Peking certification auditor Chen Yu, deputy director, conducted EN15085-2 certification audit on our Red Star Company on September 15, 2014. During the meeting, Mr. Zhao gave a detailed introduction to our company’s company scale, product structure and work performance during the year; in the subsequent audit process, the auditor was very satisfied with the document review; during the on-site audit, he was very satisfied with the plant conditions, production capacity, The technical conditions were praised, and at the same time, it was proposed that our company should strengthen the training of welding personnel and traceability management; during the professional conversation of welding supervision, the auditor affirmed the professional knowledge and ability of our company's welding supervision. With the consent of the two auditors, our company successfully passed the EN15085-2 certification audit work with a certificate of 3 years.    The two audit teachers gave a definitive opinion on the operation of our company's EN15085 system, and made valuable suggestions during the audit process. Our company actively accepted these suggestions, combined with the actual situation, and worked hard to improve, so that the EN15085 system can achieve another success!
29 2021/09

Red Star Company Interaction Training and Exchange Conference

On August 22-23, the company held the "Red Star Company Interaction Training and Exchange Conference" in Bayuquan. Through two days of communication and interaction, very satisfactory results have been received. This training has played a milestone role and has left a lot of color for the Red Star Company to strive to achieve the industry within 3-5 years.    The meeting revolved around the "five principles and eight indicators" formulated by the company at the beginning of 2014, unified thinking, implemented at various levels, and formulated 10 management measures. Start with production management, quality management, technology management, equipment management, logistics (warehouse) management, operation management, and human resources management to determine work guidelines and efforts; the purchasing department and the financial department do their best to cooperate to ensure timely procurement and implementation With good cost accounting, the Administration Department is committed to logistics services, and prepares for the relocation of the new factory.   The scenery is long-term, and Red Star is facing huge challenges and historic turning points. Therefore, we must continue to innovate, improve, and develop continuously, with firmer beliefs and more vigorous fighting spirit, to create a more brilliant future for Red Star!
29 2021/09

Welding training center officially opened and started

After many days of preparation, the welding training center of Hongxing Company was finally completed. On April 12, the welding center was established and the first training officially started. The company hired Qingdao welding engineer, quality engineer and 3 practical training teachers from Changke Training Center to conduct practical training, which lasted 13 working days and theoretically 3 working days. The number of trained employees is about 20 per day. Among them, aluminum The 4 alloy TIG welders (Hong Liang, Zhang Hongguang, Xu Ming, Wang Tao) are basically capable of welding 300 kilometers of wall panels. Aluminum alloy MIG welders (Meng Weijun, Guo Yongjiang, Chen Yuku, Zhang Jingyu) can weld some welds in large parts such as side walls. Stainless steel TIG welders (Liu Yang, Zhou Di, Li Qifeng) can basically weld small stainless steel parts of 300 kilometers. During the training process, the students are very motivated to learn and can actively ask difficult questions and interact with the teacher.
29 2021/09
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