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Changchun Metro Line 1 test opens on September 30 this year

Changchun Metro Line 1 is a backbone rail transit line that runs through the north and south in the Changchun rail transit network. It starts at the North Ring and passes through Qingfeng Road, Yikang Street, Changchun Station North Square, Changchun Station South Square, Shengli Park, and People’s Square. , Children’s Park, Zoological and Botanical Garden, Gongnong Plaza, Fanrong Road, Satellite Plaza, Municipal Government, New City, ending at Hongzuizi, all of which are underground stations. There are 15 stations in total, and the total length of the line is 18.5 kilometers. Construction started in April 2011, and the trial opened on September 30, 2016. The Changchun metro vehicles are produced by CRRC Changchun Rail Bus Co., Ltd. CRRC Changchun Railway Co., Ltd. plans to provide 264 subway trains for Changchun City, 132 subway trains for Line 1 and Line 2, of which our company will supply them to Changchun. Ke's products include side walls, main beams, and beams. The Changchun Metro Line uses a B-type aluminum alloy car body, four-movement, two-to-six cars, and a total length of 119.08 meters. Each train has 216 seats and can accommodate up to 1,888 people. The high operating speed is 80 kilometers per hour. . It is understood that the car bodies of subway trains are currently mostly used in stainless steel car bodies and aluminum alloy car bodies. High-speed rail trains use aluminum alloy car bodies. The subway trains in Changchun are the same. They are aluminum alloy subways with light weight in the country. One train, one train minus   4.2 tons, which can reduce the energy consumption of train traction. At the same time, reducing the body weight can also
29 2021/09

Work together to complete the compression bushing process for the corbel of Shenzhen Metro Line 7

At the beginning of 2017, with the active cooperation of the production department and the tooling group, the technical department successfully completed the corbel compression bushing tooling for Shenzhen Metro Line 7. In order to meet the verticality of the bushing 0.4 and the dimensional tolerance of 0.05, a mechanical jack was used as an auxiliary device, and the bush was placed in liquid nitrogen for cooling. Through the guiding action of the auxiliary components, and the jack as the positioning reference, the pillow was successfully completed. The pressing process of beams has been completed for 1 column, 12 corbels and 24 corbels. No unqualified parts have been produced, and an important technological breakthrough has been completed. This tooling is after the traction beam. For a breakthrough in important large components, our company has the ability to independently produce corbels
29 2021/09

Pinbo, dedication, harvest

——Record the Chongqing small monorail vehicle synthesis project    One hard work, one harvest. In November 2016, it ushered in one of the important annual production tasks, "Chongqing Small Monorail Co-location Project". The synthesis of small monorail vehicles marked a qualitative leap in our company from technical level, welding ability to execution of all employees. This leap includes the careful planning of the company’s senior managers, the concerted collaboration of middle managers, and The selfless dedication of the grass-roots employees has shown to the same industry that the railway passenger car is equipped with the ability and strength of Red Star to become a leader in the same industry.    Since receiving the small monorail project in early November, the company's senior management has attached great importance to it. The company has mobilized from all levels to ensure the quality, quantity, and completion of the small monorail joint task on time, while other projects cannot be delayed. Senior and middle-level managers headed by the company’s vice president of production, Li Chunlin, eat and live in the unit and direct the production. The car-joining workers in the alloy workshop, the company’s vice presidents Li, Pang, operating Su Haifeng, technical Wang Haiyang, quality assurance Liu Wei, workshop director Wang Jingbo, Li Gang, and technicians in the technical department have been working for nearly 24 hours. , And successfully integrated the Chongqing small monorail vehicle. The carpooling was successful, everyone was extremely excited, and at the same time proud of having a team like them that can only fight hard battles. It was their hard work and selfless dedication that allowed us to complete the challenge, reap the joy, and reap the success!   0
29 2021/09
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