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"Carbon steel and alloy steel forgings for pressure-bearing equipment" with pending application for 12 metal raw materials (steel) steel plate and steel rod drawing GB/T 699-2015 "carbon structural steel" with pending application for 13 Metal raw materials, welding products, metal raw materials, car bodies, frameworks, etc. bend test GB/T 232-2010 "Metal Material Bend Test Method" It has 14 metal materials under application for car bodies, frameworks, seat plates and other low-magnification structures GB/T3246. 2-2012 "Methods for the Macrostructure Inspection of Deformed Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Products" Applicable 15 Metal Material External Inspection Macrostructures GB/T 1979-2001 "Structural Steel Macrostructure Defect Rating Map" Applicable to be expanded 16 External Microstructure of Metallic Materials GB/T 226-2015 "Method for the Inspection of Macrostructure and Defects of Steel" with pending extension application 17 External Microstructure of Metallic Materials GB/T13299-1991 "The Microstructure of Steel Microstructure Evaluation Method" Available for 18 metal material car body, frame, seat plate and other microstructure in pending extension application GB/T 3246.1-2012 "Deformed Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Products Microstructure Inspection Method: Microstructure Inspection Method" Available With 19 coating products under application, the paint film on the ceiling of the guest room pollution resistance HG/T 3792-2005 "Cross-linked fluororesin coatings" There are pending extensions to be applied for 20 products with coating products, the alkali resistance of the paint film on the ceiling of the guest room is HG/T 3792-2005 "Crosslinked Fluorine Resin Coatings" with pending extension items to be applied for 21 Coating products Alkali resistance of the ceiling paint film in the guest room GB/T 9274-1988 "Determination of the resistance of paints and varnishes to liquid media" with pending extension items Pending application 22 Paint film performance of the top plate in the passenger compartment of the coated product GB/T 1771-2007 "Test method for salt spray resistance of paint" with pending extension 23 The heat resistance of the top plate and side roof of the passenger compartment of the coated product GBT 1735-2009 Determination of the heat resistance of paints and varnishes" with pending expansion items pending application 24 coated products, coating product coating thickness GB/T 6462-2005 "Metal and oxide coating thickness measurement microscope method" with pending items pending application 25 Coating product coating product adhesion GB-T1720-1979 "Paint Film Adhesion Test Method" has to be extended and pending application 26 Coating product coating product coating hardness GB/T 6739-2006 "Paint and varnish pencil Method to Determine the Hardness of Paint Films" There are items to be extended and pending application. 27 Salt spray test of main beam of coated products GB/T25119-2010 "Rail Road Transportation-Locomotive and Rolling Stock Electronic Devices" It has the salt spray corrosion of the middle roof, side roof, trunking, main beam, etc. of 28 coating products under application for extension GBT 1771-2007 "Neutral salt spray resistance of paints and varnishes" Determination" Available for 29 application for extension of coating products, such as salt spray corrosion of top plates, side top plates, wire ducts, main beams, etc. GBT 2423.17-2008 "Environmental testing of electrical and electronic products Part 2: Test method test Ka: Salt spray" Available 30. Salt spray corrosion of top plate, side top plate, trunking, main beam, etc. of coated products GBT 2423.18-2012 "Environmental Test Part 2: Test Method Test Kb: Salt Spray, Alternating (Sodium Chloride Solution) )" Available for 31 applications pending expansion of adhesive products in the guest room roof adhesive aging ISO 9142-2003 "Adhesives-Adhesives test standard laboratory aging conditions selection guidelines" with pending applications for expansion 32 bonding products Tensile shear strength of the ceiling in the passenger compartment GB/T 7124-2008 "Determination of the tensile shear strength of adhesives" with pending extension applications 33 Tensile strength of air ducts for bonding products GB/T 6329-1996 "Adhesive butt joint tension Determination of tensile strength" with the pending extension application 34 air duct tensile strength of the adhesive product ISO 6922-1987 "Determination of the tensile strength of adhesive butt joints" with the pending extension application 35 air duct peel strength of the adhesive product GB/ T 2790-1995 "Test Method for 180° Peel Strength of Adhesives, Flexible Materials vs. Rigid Materials". With pending extension, the application is pending 36. Adhesive product duct peeling strength GB/T 2791-1995 "Test Method for Peeling Strength of Adhesive T" Flexible Material Pairs Flexible materials" with pending extension application 37 adhesive product air duct peel strength GB/T 2792-2014 "p

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